Peter Hardy

Slaying Holofernes

World premiere opens Friday, July 26, 2019

This passionate and provocative drama spans four centuries as it tells the tales of two remarkable young women:  Amanda, struggling for justice and recognition in the offices of modern-day Atlanta, and the amazing true story of Artemesia Gentileschi, a painter in Renaissance Italy who took her rapist to trial.  A powerful look at how much some things have changed in 400 years – while others haven’t changed at all.

Advisory: There is a sexual assault in the play. There is a scene of intense physical pain.

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Built to Float

The magical realist tale of two sisters, trying not to drown in the haunted legacy of their troubled family.

by Rachel Graf Evans directed by Peter Hardy
World Premiere opens Friday, July 27, 2018.
Built to Float press kit

This is the story of Tess, who quietly crusades to keep it together, working full time as a phlebotomist and caring for her ailing mother Marjorie, who likes to harp on Tess’s dormant dreams of becoming a doctor. Suddenly, her sister Roz shows back up from rehab, pledging high expectations and a clean slate.

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World Premiere: ANOTHER MOTHER

[soliloquy id=”3206″]
By G. M. Lupo
Directed by Peter Hardy
ANOTHER MOTHER press kit with photos
World premiere opens August 4, 2017

Winner of the 2017 Essential Theatre Playwriting Award, this play follows the journey of Genevieve as she pieces together the mysterious identities and relationships between her biological mother, her birth mother and the mother who raised her.
Meet the Playwright:
an interview with G.M. Lupo

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Dispossed Dramaturgy Board
Click here for an interview with Karen Wurl

August 6 Talkback following DISPOSSESSED
DISPOSSESSED is a romantic comic-fantasy, set in 1928 New York City, about a Yiddish theater company that is rehearsing the classic play “The Dybbuk” (in which a bride is possessed by the ghostly spirit of her dead true love on the day she is supposed to marry another man).  The actress playing the leading role is being pressured by her parents to marry the handsome leading man who wants to take over the company,

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The Old Ship of Zion

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A warm, touching play about the members of a small African-American church, struggling to keep its doors open and adapt to changing times. Mama Gwen is a beloved elder who feels the burden of others who depend on the strength of her faith, and Quincy is a young man who loves his church but is beginning to realize that he’s gay.  A Professional World Premiere about people searching for a spiritual life in trying times.  With lots of music!

Featuring the acting talents of: James G. Smith,

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What if Shakespeare had conceived the melancholy Dane as a costumed crime fighter? The world of comic books and the Bard of Avon come together in this hilarious mash-up, a tale of murder and revenge,  poetry and BAM! SOCK! POW!

World Premiere cast includes:
Topher Payne as Hamlet
Lake Roberts as Horatio
Emmett Furrow as King Police Commissioner Gordrick
Aaron Gotlieb as The Puffin
Bob Smith as Jest
Kate Graham as O-Feline
Ashleigh Hoppe as Jape
Kenneth Robert Wigley as Laertes
Stuart McDaniel as The Jester
Megan Hayes as Bat-Hamlet Girl

Here’s the latest on Bat-Hamlet’s life after our 2012 World Premiere.

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