What if Shakespeare had conceived the melancholy Dane as a costumed crime fighter? The world of comic books and the Bard of Avon come together in this hilarious mash-up, a tale of murder and revenge,  poetry and BAM! SOCK! POW!

World Premiere cast includes:
Topher Payne as Hamlet
Lake Roberts as Horatio
Emmett Furrow as King Police Commissioner Gordrick
Aaron Gotlieb as The Puffin
Bob Smith as Jest
Kate Graham as O-Feline
Ashleigh Hoppe as Jape
Kenneth Robert Wigley as Laertes
Stuart McDaniel as The Jester
Megan Hayes as Bat-Hamlet Girl

Here’s the latest on Bat-Hamlet’s life after our 2012 World Premiere.

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Evelyn in Purgatory

Five public school teachers are caught in the limbo of the disciplinary “Rubber Room,” waiting for their cases to be heard and their fates decided. Poignant and funny drama, it’s like The Breakfast Club for teachers, as thy share secrets with each other and begin to look into their own hearts. Winner of the 2012 Essential Theatre Playwriting Award,  Evelyn in Purgatory has enjoyed multiple productions since that time and was published by Samuel French in 2016.


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