Built to Float

In the Press


“The Atlanta-based Evans has a natural flair for dialogue and builds four full-dimensional characters.”
-Jim Farmer, ArtsATL (Aug 1, 2018)

“This is a terrific play, suggesting an air of ‘magical realism’ to get inside of Tess’s head, filled to the rafters with terrific dialog, surprising twists of plot…and a quartet of very, VERY good performances…This is a very powerful piece, elegantly showing the need for ‘helping hands,’ the difficulty in overcoming early trauma, or addiction, or even long-standing family resentments.” -Brad Rudy, Atlanta Theatre Buzz (Aug 4, 2018)

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Audience Response

“The play hypnotizes with performances that are true, clear, and sure to have the little hairs on your arm standing up! Thank you Peter Hardy for your stellar direction; the cast is perfection. Thank you to playwright Rachel Graf Evans: her script delights. Hey y’all: GO SEE THIS PLAY!”   -Lisa Nanette Allender

“Stop everything you’re doing & mark your calendars to see BUILT TO FLOAT at the 20th Annual Essential Theatre Play Festival.  I was completely blown away. Wow. Bravo!  Kudos to Peter Hardy!  Absolutely amazing performances from the entire cast!”    -Laura Meyers

“You will be drawn in and captivated by each and every word.”  -Mark Perloe

“[I] can’t wait to see it again.

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About the Playwright, Rachel Graf Evans

“Rachel Graf Evans is another exciting American voice launching in Atlanta. Don’t miss this opportunity to see her work – she’s at the beginning of an amazing career.” Celise Kalke, Artistic Programs Manager, Alliance Theatre

 “Maybe I’m biased because Rachel Graf Evans was my 2017/2018 Dramatists Guild Atlanta Young Ambassador… but COME ON, she also wrote a smart and very funny play about Pheromone Parties that rocked the house at Working Title Playwrights, and another very poignant one about Greek bad girl Medusa’s difficult romantic life. And, now, with BUILT TO FLOAT, she’s setting an “emotional déjà vu with a complete stranger” in the middle of America’s very real Opioid Crisis.

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